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N2108L "Flo"

Designed to be stable and forgiving, the Cessna 172 is so dependable, it has been the world-wide standard for flight training from the Private Pilot through Commercial Pilot ratings since 1955.

the 2004 Cessna 172SP

This is not your grandaddy's Cessna.

This Cessna 172SP is a beefy 180hp, fuel-injected, long-range cruiser updated with digital instruments, a touch-screen navigation system powered by ultra-precise GPS.

Get up-to-the-second information on nearby traffic with a bluetooth connection to the onboard Garmin ADS-B transponder using your favorite aviation app (such as ForeFlight and Garmin Pilot).


The 52gal (197L) wing fuel tanks provide for nearly 6 hours of cruise flight, plenty for a long day of cloud surfing. 

Rental Rate

as of 01 Mar 2024

Walk in Rate: $227per hour
Club Member Rate: $217per hour
Pre-Pay Rate: $212 per hour

Aircraft Avionics:

  • Dual Garmin G5 (AI & HSI)

  • GTN 650XI Touchscreen WAAS GPS Comms + Navigation radio

  • Garmin GTX335 ADS-B In/Out Transponder

  • Bendix/King KX-155A Comms & Navigation radio

  • Bendix/King KMA 28 Audio Panel

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