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N106AF "Foxy"

Designed to be stable and forgiving, the Cessna 172 is so dependable, it has been the world-wide standard for flight training from the Private Pilot through Commercial Pilot ratings since 1955.

the 2001 Cessna 172R

This is not your grandaddy's Cessna.

Skybound's newest Cessna 172R is a vigorous 180hp, fuel-injected, long-range cruiser updated with digital instruments, a touch-screen navigation system powered by ultra-precise GPS.


The onboard transponder connects via WiFi to your favorite aviation app (such as ForeFlight and Garmin Pilot) so you can track your position and monitor nearby traffic.


The 52gal (197L) wing fuel tanks provide for nearly 6 hours of cruise flight, plenty for a long day of cloud surfing. 

Rental Rate

as of 01 Mar 2024

Walk in Rate: $237 per hour
Club Member Rate: $227per hour
Pre-Pay Rate: $222 per hour

Aircraft Avionics:

  • Dual Garmin G5 (AI & HSI)

  • GTN 650XI Touchscreen WAAS GPS Comms + Navigation radio

  • Lynx L3 NGT-9000 ADS-B In/Out Transponder

  • Bendix/King KX-155A Comms & Navigation radio

  • Bendix/King KMA 28 Audio Panel

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