100 Hour / Annual Inspections


150/152                       $900.00

172                           $1,400.00

182                           $1,600.00

210                           $1,800.00

RG                            $2,000.00


Cub                             $900.00 
Cherokee                 $1,200.00 
Archer                      $1,400.00 
Arrow                       $1,650.00 
Lance/Saratoga       $1,800.00 
Seminole                 $1,800.00 
Seneca                    $2,250.00


Sundowner                $1,200.00 

SR20/22                    $1,950.00 

Tiger                          $1,050.00 

Decathalon                $1,200.00


Additional Inspection


Turbo engines              $300.00

Oxy or Ice                    $450.00 
Oxy and Ice                 $625.00 

Annual inspection fees quoted are on a Flat rate basis for each plane.  All parts will be charged as an additional charge; for example, oil and filters will be above the flat rate for the annual. Any additional defects found during the inspection that require repair will be charged at our current shop rate of $75.00 plus parts and supplies.  

If you are getting quotes that are significantly less than our pricing, be aware you may be not receiving a full inspection which will cost a lot more money down the road.  

Skybound Aviation Maintenance will call with an estimate for any repairs if needed prior to completing any work.

Annual Inspection Includes the following:
 1 hour of AD/records research 
 Pre and Post run up and system check
 Removal and installation of inspection panels and interior as necessary for inspection
 Inspection of aircraft per Manufacturer's Service manual
 Clean, gap, test, rotate spark plugs
 Service battery (Labor Only)
 Compression Check
 Oil and filter change (Labor Only
 Air filter change (Labor Only
 Lubrication and servicing pulleys, hinges and bell cranks
 Mag to engine timing
 Landing gear extension/retraction test if required
 Cleaning, inspection and repacking of wheel bearings
 ELT test and inspection per FAR 91.207
 Engine Wash


Pit Stop Inspections - $600.00

Oil Change - $150.00 per engine

Hourly Rate - $75.00

Pre-Buy Inspections starting at $600

AD Research is extra and billed at the hourly rate

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