100 HR Inspection

The 100-hour inspection is required for aircraft:

  • That carry any person (other than a crew member) for hire; or

  • That are provided by any person giving flight instruction for hire.

The phrase "for hire" refers to the person, not the aircraft. An FAR Part 91 example of a person carried for hire is an aerial photography flight. If a flight instructor provides an aircraft, or any operation that supplies both flight instruction and an aircraft, that aircraft is subject to the 100-hour inspection. An aircraft provided by the (student) pilot, who is receiving instruction, is not subject to the 100-hour inspection. The 100-hour limit may be exceeded by 10 hours for the purposes of flying to a place where the inspection can be done. The excess time must be included in computing the next 100 hours of time in service.

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Annual Inspection

Most general aviation aircraft require an annual inspection. Excluded are aircraft that:

  • Use an approved progressive inspection plan;

  • Carry a special flight permit;

  • Carry a current experimental certificate; or

  • Carry a provisional airworthiness certificate.

The annual must be completed and properly endorsed by a mechanic with an inspection authorization (IA) within the preceding 12 calendar months. For example, if the aircraft's annual is endorsed on March 15, 2012, the next annual is due before April 1, 2013; otherwise the aircraft may not be flown without authorization (such as with a ferry permit).

A ferry permit is required to fly an aircraft that's out of annual, such as in the case of flying to another airport for the inspection. Contact your local FSDO for instructions on applying for a ferry permit.

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Pit Stop Inspection

Progressive inspections benefit owners whose aircraft experience high usage such as FBOs, flight schools, and corporate flight departments. Unlike an annual or 100-hour inspection, a progressive inspection allows for more frequent but shorter inspection phases, as long as all items required for the annual and 100-hour are inspected within the required time.

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Oil Change

Changing oil is a frequent and easy task. Oil change interval are usually every 50 hours for an engine with an oil filter and every 25 hours for those with only an oil screen.

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Hourly Maintenance

Our experienced mechanics can perform work on your plane for an hourly fee.

$75 per hour

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