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Katness N258SB
Katness N258SB
Katness N258SB
Katness N258SB
Katness N258SB



1969 Piper Arrow PA-28R-200

Piper Arrow is not the fastest, not the roomiest, not the most stylish... but it has enough of all of those qualities to give it enduring popularity. Our Arrow may be a good choice for a pilot with little complex aircraft experience or one who does not fly often. It was designed to be an easy step up for pilots transitioning from a trainer to a single with retractable landing gear and controllable-pitch propeller. The primary reason is that the Arrow is a simple retractable to fly. It has the same predictable handling as the Cherokee line of singles in which many pilots have learned to fly, but it's a little faster and sexier, thanks to its retractable gear. It is a capable, cross-country machine. 


Rental Rate
Standard Rate: $210 per hour
Club Member Rate: $200 per hour
Pre-Pay Rate: $195 per hour

Aircraft Avionics Garmin Stack:

GMA 350c Bluetooth Audio Panel

GTN 750 GPS/Nav/Comm

GTR 225/GNC 255 Nav/Comm Radios

GTX 333 Mode-C Transponder

GDL 88 ADS-B Datalink

Flight Stream 210

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