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Sterile Cockpit: Redefined

In aviation, the term “sterile cockpit” refers to the elimination of unnecessary conversation and activities by flight crews during critical phases of flight. When pilots are free from distractions, they can focus all their attention exclusively on critical tasks, making flying safer for everyone. The new normal in aviation’s sterile cockpit concept takes on additional meaning as we focus on our most critical task – navigating our safe return to the skies. Throughout the COVID‐19 pandemic, our pilots and instructors have worked tirelessly to ensure a sterile cockpit in the most literal sense, sanitizing the aircraft interiors and exterior touch points prior to and after every flight.


As we look forward to the rest of 2020 and beyond, we promise we will never be the same ‐ we will be better. Our enhanced cleaning practices have become our new standard going forward. Our flight instructors have used this temporary slowdown to sharpen their own knowledge and skillset. Now, they stand ready to once again deliver the exceptional level of service that makes Skybound Aviation on of the best flight schools in the Atlanta area.

We are here, we are ready, and we know there has never been a better time to fly.


All flight operations (including dual flight instruction) have resumed.

The executive order signed by Governor Kemp requiring Georgia residents to shelter in place expired at 11:59 p.m. on April 30th. With the shelter‐in‐place order lifted, coupled with CISA’s classification of flight training as an essential business, we are confident that it is safe to immediately resume all operations ‐ including dual instruction. We encourage students to practice follow the well‐publicized CDC guidelines regarding handwashing, social distancing, and the use of cloth face masks as they do not interfere with the use of aviation headsets.

If you have been ill within the past 14 days, or if you’ve been in contact with someone who has shown symptoms, please stay home and take care of yourself.


Aircraft are available to rent.

Aircraft are available for rent. Please note that travel restrictions may differ from state‐ to‐state, so please check with local resources at your intended destination to make sure you can complete your trip.


Enhanced cleaning is our new standard.

All surfaces at our office are being wiped down with sanitizer daily. High‐touch areas are being wiped down more frequently, including rental headsets at the conclusion of every flight. We have hand sanitizer available and encourage everyone to use it frequently.

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