Meet Our Instructors

Our instructors' are independent contractors.  Some teach for the love of flying and some teach because they are building hours in order to work for a commercial operation or the airlines.  Either way, we are very excited to be able to offer our clients a well rounded option for their flight training.

Joe Lanier - Flight Instructor

Joe Lanier has spent most of his adult life working in and around textiles mills in the southeast. When manufacturing moved overseas, he pursued his lifelong dream of flying. Joe became a private pilot in 2006 and began teaching in 2010.  Except for a short training stint in Greensboro, NC, Joe has been based at PDK Airport. He is a full-time instructor for private and instrument students in the Cessna and Cirrus aircraft. | (706) 773-1504

Steve Hurst - Flight Instructor

Steve is a professional independent instrument instructor in single and multi-engine aircraft. He has helped build two experimental aircraft and is experienced in both ultra-light and tail wheel. He has been instructing for more than 40 years and his students are currently flying for major airlines as well as for their business and personal pleasure. He specializes in personalized instruction to help you meet your aviation goals. |  (678) 371-2920

Kerwin Day - Flight Instructor

Kerwin is a career professional independent instructor. He is a CFII who can instruct and provide private pilot services. His ratings include commercial pilot with instrument rating, single engine land, multi engine land, flight instructor, instrument flight instructor, and ATP. Kerwin has been flying for 40 years and about 75% of his hours are instructing. | (770) 634-9301

Ryan Berberich - Flight Instructor

Ryan came to us when his former flight school decided to close down.  Ryan hopes one day to work for the airlines. | (770) 715-5139

Ian Ainsworth - Flight Instructor

Ian grew up in Atlanta, GA and started flying at Skybound Aviation at the age of 16 years old. He has completed all of his ratings at Skybound Aviation and is now instructing with us.  Ian hopes to be flying in corporate aviation one day.| (770) 826-3692 

Glenn Bailey - Flight Instructor

Glenn is a part-time independent flight instructor.  He is a retired Air Force Lt. Colonel and former military instructor pilot.  In addition to teaching in our primary trainers (Cessna’s and Piper’s), Glenn is one of our CFI’s that teaches in our tail wheel airplane “Fiona”.  Glenn enjoys sharing his love of taildragger flying with others…and occasionally getting things a little upside down (if you know what we mean!). | (770) 630-9222

Louis Jourdan - Flight Instructor

Louis earned his instructor rating at ATP.    Louis is looking forward to helping our clients earn their wings. His goal is to become an airline pilot.| (770) 265-2865

Michael Parker - Flight Instructor

Michael to us as a renter and decided to be a CFI with us.  Michael is looking forward to helping our clients earn their wings and if you are up to it, get your multi-engine ticket.  


Michael spent 20 years in the Employee benefits and insurance industry. Graduated GA Tech in 2000. Earned his instructor ratings at ATP: CFI, CFII, MEI.  He is also a Master scuba diver and loves spending time underwater with sharks. | (404) 216-1108

Jason Liang - Flight Instructor

Jason earned his instructor ratings at Skybound Aviation.    He is looking forward to helping our clients earn their wings. He enjoys flying and teaching people to fly.| (404) 492-6140

Elliott Borenstien - Flight Instructor

Elliott is an FAA Gold Seal Flight Instructor and holds ATP ratings in Airplanes and Helicopters. He began instructing in 1980, holding Airplane Single and Multi-Engine, Helicopter, and Instrument Airplane and Helicopter Flight Instructor certificates. He was a multi-state FAA Designated Pilot Examiner for Helicopters for nearly a decade. He works with a wide variety of people from High School and College students and business executives, through Airline Pilots working on Private, Commercial, Instrument, and Multi-engine certificates. He is available full time at SkyBound in both Part 61 and Part 141 training programs. | (678) 772-3038

Jeff Kidd - Flight Instructor

Jeff is a part-time flight instructor balancing flying with his computer software consulting firm. He has BS and MS degrees in Computer Science from Georgia Tech and is a Master-level Chess Player. He earned his Private Pilot ASEL in Feb 1996, and his Instrument Rating later that year. His additional ratings include Commercial Pilot SEL/MEL Instrument (1997), Flight Instructor SE/ME Instrument (1997-1998), Commercial Pilot Glider (1999), and Airline Transport Pilot MEL (2000). Jeff has over 4,000 hours total time with almost half of those hours instructing. He is checked out in all of Skybound Aviation's Cesnas and Pipers. | (404) 664-9833

Terry Harper - Flight Instructor

Terry is a 2000+ hour pilot with over 800 hours of instruction.  He learned to fly at the age of 18 and was a certificate flight instructor by 21.  While attending Arizona State University, he taught flying for 2 years at Beckett Aviation in Scottsdale, AZ.   After college he started a career in the plastics industry.  After retiring in 2019, he  renewed his CFI licenses and instructs primary, tailwheel and instrument students.| (770) 713-5856

Curtis Mast - Flight Instructor

Curtis is a professional independent instructor. He has done the majority of his training with Skybound and became a CFI on July 12th. Of course we hired him right away and has enjoyed teaching every since. Curtis is also a 5th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and teaches at his DoJo in Decatur. This guys loves to teach. |  (404) 731-9305

Richard Antara - Flight Instructor

Richard came to us when his former flight school decided to close down. Richards works at Skybound Monday thru Friday.  On the weekends he flies a plane for parachute jumpers. | (404) 798-6482

Michael O'Neal - Flight Instructor

Michael is retired; however, he still likes to fly in Fiona. Michael O’Neal has been in the aviation industry since 1976, and his ratings include commercial pilot with instrument rating, single engine land, multi engine land, flight instructor and instrument flight instructor. He has over 28,000 flight hours, of which 80% are in instruction. Michael has flown and instructed in single engine land, multi-engine land, complex, and high performance aircraft, and has been flying in the Atlanta area for over 35 years. | (770) 377-2169

Randy Ferrell - Flight Instructor

Randy is a professional pilot and independent flight instructor. Randy flies corporate aircraft and for fun he loves to teach people to fly. randy has helped Skybound make pilots for over 10 years.

rferrell789@gmail.comt |  (678) 386-9341

Rodney Russell - Flight Instructor

Rodney is a part time independent flight instructor with over 32,000 hours.  He is a retired Air Force Lt. Colonel, retired Delta Air Lines Captain, and holds ratings in B-757; B-767; CE-500; DC-9; EA-500S, T-37, single engine land aircrafts. | (404) 931-1872

James Archer - Flight Instructor

James is a certificated Airline Transport Pilot for both single and multi-engine land aircraft.  In September 2020, he became a Master Certified Flight Instructor, a designation bestowed to only a select few Flight Instructors by the National Association of Flight Instructors.  With over 15 years as an instructor, he holds training certificates in instrument, single and multi-engine aircraft as well as an instrument and advanced ground instructor.  His specializes in instrument training, instrument proficiency checks, flight reviews, and advanced ratings and certificates.  He enjoys teaching aeronautical decision making, safety, and professionally and recreationally tracked students who desire to get to the next level as a pilot.  His professional aviation experience is extensive in cabin class aircraft, including the Beechcraft King Air 90 and 200 models. | (678) 427-2142

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