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Skybound Aviation’s Ace Flying Club program was designed to help the possibilities of fulfilling your dreams of flying much easier than you expected.

Come experience the exhilarating sensation of flight with Skybound Aviation and let the Ace Flying Club ease your entry into the world of aviation and help ease the costs associated with it!


Membership Benefits:

  • Reduced aircraft rental rates

  • Ace Flying Club members enjoy discounts between $10 to $20 an hour on Skybound Aviation’s aircraft rental rates.

  • Ace Flying Club members can enjoy even greater discounts with the club member pre-pay options on aircraft rental.

  • Reduced instructor rates.

  • Ace Flying Club members receive a $5/hr. discount on the standard hourly instruction rate.

  • Pilot Supply discounts.

  • Ace Flying Club members receive a 10% discount on all Skybound Aviation pilot supplies including Randolph Engineering Eyewear.

  • Pilot Event discounts

  • Ace Flying Club members receive either free admission to all Skybound Aviation events such as mini-ground classes, weekend ground classes, etc.

Membership Costs:

  • First year Application Fee - $50.00

  • One Year Membership Fee - $325.00 (paid in advance)

  • Membership requires a minimum one year commitment

  • Each additional year $325.00 per year

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